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March 7, 2011
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Every story has a beginning and every beginning will usually start with the witnesses of the events telling the story, which are often random bystanders or directly the source of the event. Here, even though a good part of the events of that fateful night are still shrouded in mystery, there are few ponies that were able to gather some of those small and scare facts that resisted the trials of time... Facts that would become a Myth and then one day... History. One of those ponies was me:

-Papyrus, Royal Historian of her Highness, Princess Celestia.

*Extract of an endnote in the Royal History Codex.


*1000 Years ago - Night of the Prophecy*

Inside what had once been a beautiful and majestic castle, two ponies were fighting fiercely and yet very gracefully, one of them, a pony as white as ivory, had finally cornered the dark and tenebrous pony inside the throne room, after a series of acrobatic flips. Weakened by the length and intensity of the fight, the dark mare didn't have the time to counter or dodge the ivory pony's vivid and powerful beam of light that suddenly surged towards her. This was the most powerful banishment spell known by the Princess, powered by the incredible artifact that represented the six Elements of Harmony.

As the light progressively grew brighter and started to surround the dark mare in the rainbow's colors, she spoke in a deep voice that the ivory pony easily perceived as sounding angry and smug.

   ''You think you have won? You think this is all over and that peace shall last forever in all Equestria, once I'm sealed into MY moon? Celestia, dear Sister, I didn't know you were so naive as to think this spell alone, even one as powerful as you have made, will keep me locked indefinitely. Remember those words, sister: In a thousand years from this day forth, the stars themselves will aid in my escape and I will finally bring the dark night eternal and there's nothing you can do against this !''

As the image of Princess Luna, who would be known as Nightmare Moon for generations to come, was fading away towards the full moon, a long and haunting laughter could be heard in all of Equestria.

Shedding a tear, Celestia replaced on the pedestal of the devastated throne room the now drained Elements of Harmony. Soon after, she slowly walked out of the once joy-filled room, now nothing more than a monument to her sorrow, and was determined to never come back again. Little did she know of what the future had in reserve for her...


After a long moment passed, in the cold and oppressive silence of the deserted castle, six ponies slowly emerged from the deep shadows, in the far end of the throne room, carefully listening to the noises of the night. One by one, they formed a circle where Nightmare Moon stood just a moment before.

First to come was a grim looking zebra who was wearing a number of various small skull charms, then an elegant dark greenish warhorse with a rainbow mane, and a thin and tall pony who looking around nervously as he approached. They formed the first half of the group. They were followed shortly by two pegasi, one whiter than the hottest flame with a light blue and red mane, and one whiter than a cloud with a light blue and grey blue mane and impressively long wings. Closing the circle was a unicorn with a shining but almost silvery grey coat and a black glossy mane.

Each of them remained silent as they took their place, the light of the moon reflecting upon their cutie mark, which were respectively: The skull of an equine, a magnifying glass over a colorful diamond, some seeds over a scroll, a yin yang symbol made up of fire and ice, another yin yang symbol made up of stormy and clear clouds, and three silver stars for the last.

Finally breaking the oppressing calm of the night, the green warhorse Gemmold broke into a smug laugh, earning a stern gaze from the unicorn and making the thin one bounced in surprise.

   ''What a fantastic battle that was, don't you think? It's a shame our general wasn't exactly up to the task. She should have requested for my prodigious strength, it would have been more than enough to defeat that pesky Princess, a shame really'', he said haughtily while looking toward the moon.

Those words instantly lit a spark of hardly contained fury in the eyes of the unicorn, who was clearly displeased by what he heard.

   ''You better watch your tongue when you speak of Nightmare Moon, Gemmold, or you might lose it! Your pride will be your downfall one day!'', then fixing the same fiery look at the pony that was looking around anxiously, ''...and she might have reached us sooner for the battle, if Oakseed here had warned her that Celestia was coming with the Elements!''

   ''H-hey, no need to get so angry at me... It's not like I didn't want to, it's just that, hum... I just couldn't leave Canterlot Castle earlier without being spotted. It was risky enough for me already; with all these pretexts I had already given them, so I could sneak out here and deliver all that information, all those times... They were starting to suspect me, it's the truth!'', he whispered while scratching his neck nervously.

   ''You are certainly the last pony that I would trust'', the silvery stallion said turning his head angrily.

After the aggressive remarks of Moonstar the unicorn, the two earth ponies weren't very tempted to reply and waited for someone else turn to speak.

Between the others present, one of the pegasi was looking at the ground pitifully and visibly saddened. None of the others cared to ask her the reason, as they knew that it was in her nature to be sad all the time about nothing and everything, not that any of them would have tried to comfort her, not even her own twin sister, who was fixing her with an irritated look.

   ''Ahh, Mist could you stop your whimpering for a second? We have better things to do than to listen to you crying again'', her eyes dragging towards her sister's wings, ''Did you step on those gorgeous wings of yours again? I don't know how you manage to do it anyway... If I had such superb... such incredibly long and beautiful wings like yours, you can be sure it would never happen, but I don't. Of course you were the one to get lucky and not me, you're always the one to get the best things and not me'', she said while clearly eyeing her long wings this time.

They were assembled since only a few minutes, and already they were all bickering at each other over pointless details and arguing for no clear reasons, all except one. All this chitchat was for him meaningless at best, at worst it was a loss of precious time that he could have used for various objectives that he was already starting to plan in his mind. It was time to redirect those chaotic pony folks towards a more focused point, which was the true reason for their presence in this eerie place.

   ''Have you forgotten the reason for our presence here? Be quiet now and remember the words of the mighty mare'', he said squinting and adopting a thoughtful tone, ''The words she spoke were quite clear; they confirmed my visions as a seer. In 1000 years, your offspring Moonstar will bare a great destiny, the one to break free the Nightmare Moon isn't one tiny.''

He closed his eye on those last few words and waited for the inevitable. The others quickly broke the respectful silence that had fallen while the zebra had started speaking, for they knew that even though he wasn't a unicorn, his mysterious powers were real and not to be made fun of,  but the news was enough to bring discontent to some of them. The prideful Gemmold boasted that 'HIS' lineage would have brought more honors, Moonstar sharply replyed that her orders have to be followed, leaving Chillfire to mumble how again someone else was getting everything, and an intimidated Mistyshade shed a tear. Almost as suddenly as the outburst had started, it came to an end, as Necros spoke up once more.

   ''Leave those insignificant desires aside, for each of you will have to find a place to hide. You will all have a part in this prophecy to play, but for this to happen you must find a role and your lineage to remain alive for that day. This is our goal.''


A moment later, it was decided that Oakseed would return to his position, as an advisor at the Canterlot Castle, while Gemmold would travel North to the frontier of the Griffin Kingdom, where it was said that a war with them was threatening to occur. The two pegasi would return to their work at the newly built weather factory of Cloudsdale, and Moonstar would remain in the newly founded settlement near the Everfree Forest soon to be named Ponyville. Necros remained vague, only stating that he would return to his home country in the Far East, in order to eliminate some obstacles in a distant future.

No one knew what he meant by 'distant future', but they all looked at him with a puzzled look when he said that he would see them all in a 1000 years, before he greeted them farewell. After a fast, yet solemn goodbye, they went their separate ways, none of them expecting to ever see the others ever again.

The zebra remained in the abandoned castle for a moment, after the others had left. He was admiring what once had been the most powerful weapon of this kingdom and smiled deviously, then he thought to himself.

   ''More than one prophecy was born tonight and no one knows except me. More than one country possesses elements with such powers, but they aren't aware of this. Providence will allow me to reach my goal and it will be too late for them, when they find out... much too late.''

He then burst into a sinister laugh as he finally left the ruined castle, as the last ray from the moon shined upon the mark on his flank, which was the mark of 'death' in his country.

-End of part 1-
(Ambiance Music) [link]

Complete title without the annoying limitation : MLP:FiM - The Prophecy - Forgotten Chapter 1 - Dawn

EDIT 0 : If by miracle, some generous people out there want to help with syntax and grammer correction, just message me here OR send a ''Share Request'' on Google Docs. Of course you will be credited for your help.
Google Docs Link : [link]

EDIT 1 : Now can be found on ED : [link]

LARGE EDIT 2 : Story now -Version 2-
Many thanks to :
-EvolutionCOV / EvoCOV (complete proof-read)


This story is technically the second story I made, even though I started working on it first and stopped mid-point, to make 'Family is Forever', then finished it.

This specific part (Chapter 1 - Dawn) is kinda an introduction story, more or less I think, since I plan on using it as a ''tool'' (reference thing) for future other stories.

So, maybe it explains the particuliar way (I guess people might think it that way) to expose the characters... Also, 6 characters was maybe a bit much, but like I said, kinda-but-not-entirely a tool-story... and I wanted 1 character per main cast character, future stuffs, etc.

...Please, don't be TOO critique on the grammar. English isn't my main language, even though I'm rather good with it and using 2 grammar-correction thingies... and other things. If you want to help with the errors, GO AHEAD, I will be more than happy to apply the corrections.

Now, Enjoy ! :)
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coonk9 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
WHOH I just fnished. That was awesome, cant wait to read part two. This is a really great begining to an epic story. It really only needs the most minor of details corrected. It would make it easier for me if you can send me a list of the names of the 6 characters and their descriptions to make it more clear who is speaking and when and of course run it through a spell check. Also was wondering did you mean for the Zebra to ryhme only in the pressence of his comrades or shall i work on his last line to give it more of that poetic Zecora flare?
Nova225 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011
Last line was 'thought' not 'spoken'.

For the rest... I will 'soon' send you a PM, saying more about yes-or-no.
coonk9 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
okay great.
coonk9 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
I would be happy to help fix this for you. It is a great story but at the moment unclear who is speaking amoung the 6. I will need the names of all 6 with their descriptions. At first i was confused at the top who the 6 allegiance belonged. But i liked that moment of suspense where it was unclear that they were followers of Nightmare and her soldiers. I really thought that was quite a dynamic aproach to their introduction. However as I said before i could not tell who was talking.
Salohcin-Silverwing Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Student Writer
Dang, Nova. You're so good, I'm gonna have to save these two stories for later, otherwise I might spoil my appetite
Nova225 Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Well, ok. ;)

Just remember that the Chapter 1 is a bit used like a ''tool-story'' or information-like made (about the lots of details).
Salohcin-Silverwing Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Student Writer
I'll let you know what I think once I digest all the other stories I've read today.
Boss-Hoss1 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
This has my attention, all right. I cant wait for more :aww:
The only oddity that sticks out to me is ' ' for "
Nova225 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
I don't understand, what you mean ?
>The only oddity that sticks out to me is ' ' for "

Do you mean the things around the conversation ? They are, usually, to indicate that someone is speaking or thinking...
Boss-Hoss1 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Yes, I usually see " to indicate that.
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